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Aga John Oriental Rugs

                                Aga John Laguna Design Center services includes :  


                                                        * Hand wash

                                                                                    *Rug restoration/repair

                                        *Custom tailoring/sizing 

                                                                                    *Rug installation/ pad installation

                                               *Rug Appraisal

                                                                                    *Rug protection scotch guard





Largest Selection of Custom-Made Rugs in the Nation!

All rugs in all sizes, please call & check for availibility

As devotees of interior design, we are committed to making everything come together in your space. If you like an existing design but feel it would work better in a diffrent size, color scheme, or material, our custom rug program allows you to add your signuture by creating a unique handmade rug. you can chosse to custome color rugs by visiting;

Aga John in Laguna Design center or Los Angles P.D.C

even if you have your own design that you would like to be make it in the hand knutted area rug , we can help you .

At Aga John Oriental Rugs, we can program and commission a rug from your unique design.

    Laguna Niguel Design Center

    Aga John Oriental Rugs

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